Travelling Abroad in Your Campervan

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Travelling Abroad in Your Campervan

The joy of holidaying in a campervan is that you can travel to pretty much any destination but if you have exhausted the UK and all its amazing countryside, taking your camper overseas is a great way to relish new adventures in the great outdoors. With budget ferry travel now available taking your camping trip across the English Channel is easier than you think. Take a look at our essential tips for an enjoyable campervan holiday a little further afield.

Book in for a service

Whilst campervan breakdown can never be predicted, booking in for a service prior to your trip will reduce the risk of spending your holiday at the roadside dramatically. By hiring a campervan from an experienced supplier you can ensure you make light work of your long journey from the comfort of a well maintained vehicle.

Pack wisely and legally

Your checklist for camping abroad may differ from the one you use in the UK so do your research. By law vehicles of all types must be equipped with a GB sticker, beam bender, first aid kit, breathalyser, spare bulb, extinguisher and warning triangle. In fact, many countries in Europe require you to carry two warning triangles so check the legal requirements of the country you are visiting and those you are passing through.

Also make sure you carry all the appropriate documentation, such as your passport, driving licence, insurance certification, MOT certificate and V5 registration.

Don’t rely on tech

There are many gadgets available that can make life on the road easier and more enjoyable, however, relying on Google Maps or another internet powered navigation system can spell disaster in areas with no or limited service. Be prepared with an up-to-date European map and in-car compass so if you need to get back to basics, you can.

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