The Responsibilities of A HAZOP Study Team

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The Responsibilities of A HAZOP Study Team

When an industry wants a research in risk assessment to be made, they form or hire a team like a HAZOP study team. The team consists of people with experience in fields related to the subject and have detailed technical knowledge of the procedure, and have also undertaken training the method they will use, in this case HAZOP.

The roles in the team

The most important role is that of the HAZOP team leader. His job is to plan the meeting sessions and arrange the timetables. He has to control the discussion and limit it if it gets out of hand, and to make sure the secretary has the time he needs to keep notes. In addition he has to motivate the other members to be more imaginative and critical, while keeping them in focus. Mainly the entire team has to make conclusion, but in important issues, he is the judge.

HAZOP secretary is the person of the team that is responsible of documenting the entire process. That person will have to take notes of everything, record the documentations, create draft reports of the study and in the end, produce the final report.

The process engineer has to provide with simple descriptions about almost everything the industrial process in question has. He has to know and provide the information about each processing unit, information on design conditions and process conditions.

The mechanical design engineer has to provide with specification details, vendor package details and provide the necessary information about the equipment and the piping layout.

The instrument engineer has to provide the details surrounding control philosophy, the interlock and alarm details, and finally provide information on shutdown and safety procedures.

There are a lot more roles and responsibilities in a team in order to make it successful and they all depend on the type of processing plant in question. For more details if you are interested visit Hazop study.

The team's contribution

This job is a step up for everyone that has the needed technical knowledge and training in these methods. The team that handles the risk assessment is in the end the ones that are mainly held responsible for the proper function and safety, both to the personnel and the environment. It is a position with many responsibilities, but with enough cooperation and experience they can help prevent the next nuclear power plant meltdown or malfunction of an oil rig that leads to spilled oil in the sea.

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