History Of Iphone & Best Iphone Cases

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History Of Iphone & Best Iphone Cases

With the advent of technology, the use of smartphones have increased. Today, more and more smartphone companies are launching in the market with ever new and advanced smartphone technologies. Some of the famous smartphone companies existed today are Android and Apple which have wrapped the whole smartphone markets around them.

Every other mobile vendor is launching Android cell phones but Apple software is only the property of Apple Company and only they can launch their cell phones. There are although some disadvantages to this fact but still Apple is considered as the number one selling smartphone software and iPhone being its number one phone.

History of iPhone:

The history of iPhone started long before the announcement of the launch of first iPhone in 2007. Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple, started its coordination with the Motorola Company and launched the first mobile phone named as ROKR E1 which uses iTunes on September 7, 2005.

Jobs was not happy to compromise the quality of the mobile they wanted to make by cooperating with a non-Apple designer (Motorola). In 2006, Jobs cancelled the support for ROKR and announced a reference of a phone that can display videos and pictures.

In January 2007, Apple announced its iPhone and launched the first iPhone later this year on June 29. 2007.

Best iPhone Cases:

With so many iPhones in the world, the need for its protection is also increased. The sensitive touch glass screen needs to be protected from fall outs and jerks and for that purpose cases are needed. Cases do not only protect the glass screen of the iPhone but also the rear and camera slot as well. Therefore it is very important to use the cases especially for iPhone.

Every iPhone model have a unique case according to the size and camera position of the phone to give it special protection and safety. If you are also an iPhone user and are looking for the best iPhone cases, you can visit the link.

A variety of amazing, stylish and cool iPhone cases are available with unique features and high protection making your iPhone extra secure. You can see some iPhone cases made of food and drink including KFC Chicken Drumstick iPhone Cases, Baby Bottle iPhone 6 case, Noodles case, egg case, and other similar types. Vodka bottle iPhone case is also available that looks totally cool and describes your choice.

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