Goji Berry – A Wonder Used For Millennials

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Goji Berry – A Wonder Used For Millennials

Over the course of the last decade we have seen an increase in the popularity of goji berries. They have suddenly made an appearance everywhere and some telemarketers even sold them as end-all-be-all way to improve quality of life.

Since people are used to expect less when they hear a lot, it was not long before the majority of the population disregarded the benefits of the berries for one simple reason. It was sudden, and all the telemarketers were talking about it. Well, that is true, but it was not a recent discovery at all.

Used for centuries in Asia

As far as we can tell for sure, goji berries have been consumed regularly by people ever since 300 A.D. in Tibet. But there are some records and indications that China, Tibet and Mongolia have been using them either as snack or in traditional medicine, even a thousand years before that time.

So, it is safe to say that it is not a recent discovery. As for the medical properties of it or how it can affect our lives, people have been fascinated by it for centuries and always looked for more concrete answers. Now, we have the science and technology to finally start getting some solid answers.

The true story behind the myths

There were several myths saying that there were people who easily lived to be other 100 years old and had few, if any, health problems and they attributed that to their daily consumption of goji berries. Although it may seem strange and a little fake, there is actually more truth to it than one would expect.

Goji berries are filled with amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants (giving it the antiaging effect), essential fatty acids, trace minerals and several others. Just a handful of them per day and you get the recommended dosage of numerous substances your body need to stay healthy and in shape.

There is however one thing to keep in mind. Although it can make wonders, it is not a magic potion. It will not instantly change you nor will it do everything on its own. It is a great boost, either you consume them fresh, dried or as a supplement bought online from sites like

If you have the willpower and passion to change your life and improve its quality then goji berries are definitely a thing you should add to your daily routine.

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