Diving in Egypt

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Diving in Egypt

Egypt offers blazing sun, sandy beaches, great food and great culture, which is why Egypt has become a popular holiday destination for people in the UK and worldwide. There’s plenty to do while you’re in Egypt, from seeing the Pyramids of Giza, to swimming with dolphins, to walking the bustling streets of Cairo, but one activity, for the more adventure minded people out there has boomed in popularity in recent years; diving.

Where can you go diving in Egypt?

There are countless popular diving destinations in Egypt, but to make things a little easier for you holiday scouters out there, we narrowed the options down to our top five picks from Cheap Beach Holidays

El Gouna

The award winning El Gouna resort is located on Egypt’s Red sea Riviera, meaning some of the world’s best water sport spots are right on your doorstep. There is a range of different scuba diving options that El Gouna, so there’s something for everyone from deep wall diving to shallow reef diving, and even your pick of wrecks to explore.

Pharaoh’s Island

Pharaoh’s Island is situated in the northern reaches of the Gulf of Aqaba and is famous for its unique marine life. This island sits just 250 metres from the shore and boasts a restored castle that overlooks the diving spots. This spot is home to coral, batfish, bream and eels so you have lots of fun exploring the depths.

Ras Mohamed National Park

Egypt’s first national park, Ras Mohamad, remains a very popular location for diving enthusiasts. The park is located only a mere 12 miles from the popular Egyptian holiday destination of Sharm el Sheik, making it perfect for holiday goers wanting to experience diving in the land of the Nile. This spot is home to coral reefs and a multitude of awe-inspiring fish species.


Located north of Sharm, Dahab is famous for its spectacular diving shore and access to the legendary Blue Hole. Dahab used to be the place to go for seasoned backpackers or those looking for a bit of adventure outside of the tourist hubs in Egypt, it still has this reputation, but has also gained a reputation of a much more welcoming and commercial place where tourists are welcome to enjoy all the beauty of Dehab.


Hurghada was the first commercial diving spot in the red sea, and the resort is still booming today, attracting a specialist group of holiday-goers: divers. However, don’t be put off if you’re a beginner, you haven’t dived before or just aren’t confident in your abilities, there’s diving spots for people of all abilities.

Egypt is a fantastic place to wet your fins and go diving, it boasts some of the most beautiful coral reefs, clear waters and when it comes time to take the wetsuit off; cities rich in architecture, culture and plenty to do for the active family or traveller. 

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