30 Tips To Make Your Next Event Successful

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30 Tips To Make Your Next Event Successful

If you are planning for the next event, the following are helpful tips to make your event run smoothly and become a success. These tips are as follows:

  • Consider how you want the event to look

The first step is to determine the kind of event you are planning to hold. Think of who will attend the event and the reasons for the event. Write down specific goals that you expect to accomplish. Think of it as a good opportunity to strengthen your relationship with clients. Regardless of your location, event is a great tool to engage clients if only done at the right way. Sometimes you can experience difficulties such as boring or stale events due to lack of good planning. In order to avoid such mistakes, you should consider how you want the event to look

  • Using twitter wall

There are many reasons to use a twitter wall for your next event. Some of these reasons include: creating awareness, engagement with funs, interaction, prompting and enabling a huge reach. Use of twitter wall will enable a large number of people become aware of your event. This will enable you to boost social engagement by get ideas from people and answering questions from funs. Make sure that you have an event hashtag that you will use during pre-event promotion and during your event day

  • Create a blog

Before starting an event, it is best to create a blog in order to involve more people. The blog should highlight the speakers attending the event, performers and awardees. The content on the blog should focus on the event’s goals, benefits and purpose. This will help you distribute updates which you can also share on your social media pages

  • Be social

Social media is normally considered as the king when it’s time for event promotion. For this reason, you should never ignore social media as there are billions of people who are using media space daily. For instance, using twitter will help you get into contact with your followers by answering their questions and you can post videos regarding the event

  • Determine the right type of event

Your event should basically reflect your expertise, your goal, your budget, your audience and your brand

  • Be organized

You don’t need to take long time to plan your event. You should quickly come up with an attractive idea that will engage your fans and sponsors. In this case, you should prepare a basic schedule on what should be done.  

  • Share interactive content

You need to share interactive content in order to keep your attendees engaged. You should also ask them questions throughout during the presentation

  • Plan to record everything for easy follow up

Attendees and non-attendants will love to re-watch your event later. In this case, you should share a link that has full recording which they can use to re-engage and put what they learned into practice

  • You should be available for requests and follow up questions

When the event is over, you should hang around to answer questions from attendees. This is because they might have some questions that you didn’t cover

  • Hire partners to help you with the event

Depending on your career industry, it can sometimes be challenging to hold a successful event.  With the right partners, you will be able to gather thousands of busy people who will attend the event. Offering free products will also draw more people near

  • Always ask questions

To engage your attendees, it is important to ask them questions. This will also help to connect with other people who have similar interest with your event

  • Determine the total budget

You should be specific with your budget by including all revenue opportunities such as ticket sales, donations, sponsorship, insurance, permits, printing, food, security and supplies. It is important to keep records by keeping track on your total expenses and income.

  •  Schedule facilities

The location of your event will determine the level of your event success. When choosing a location, it is best to consider the capacity of the room and special needs such as elevators

  •  Create a timeline

A successful event will have a set deadline and achievable goals. In this case, you should have a well created plan for the actual event

  •  Define good reasons why people should attend the event

You should determine what is drawing people to your event. Determine the best thing you should do to bring in your targeted attendees

  •  Make use of online registration

This is the best and easier way to secure as many attendees as possible. To ensure many early sign ups, you should give early bids incentives

  • Create a promotional video

A creative video will help to publicize on what is coming up. At a very low budget, you will be able to promote your event

  •  Be prepared to market

Marketing is the key to a successful event. Use different marketing methods to get the word out. Advertise accordingly by determining who will attend the event

  •  Arrange for parking area

If you are expecting a large number of people, it is best to ensure there is ample parking area.  Make sure the parking you have selected is easily accessible to the location of the event

  •  Make a reflection

After the event is over, it is important to take time and reflect back on it by checking feeding provided by attendees on the evaluation forms. This will help you improve the next event

  •  Connect with attendees before the event

There are various ways on how you can connect with attendees before the event. Some of these ways include: emailing, telephone and use of social media

  •  Add a personal touch

If you want people to continue to remember your event for long, you should make the event stand out. You should also keep in mind that the success of your business is based on your ability to successfully plan

  •  Check the market

By checking on the market, you will be able to determine what your competitors are planning. You should make sure that the time you are planning to hold the event is not close to the date that your competitors are holding theirs

  •  Hold an event reminder for attendees

It is best to communicate to your expected attendees 2 days before event. It doesn’t matter whether you will use a telephone or email in order to remind them. You should remember to include all the necessary information about the event such as contact information, directions and location

  •  Estimate the total count of your attendees

It is a fact that some of your registered attendees might not show up. Make sure that those who will miss the event will still be on the loop. This will encourage them to attend your next event

  •  Remember to request attendees feedback

To survey your event feedback, you should ask your attendees what they liked most and what they prefer for the next event

  •  Brand the event

You should come up with a great message that you want your attendees to walk away with. You can achieve this by giving away your business materials

  •  Set up a community of supporters

You should make sure that you already have a community of supporters in place. It is best to throw small events before holding a huge one. This will enable people know about your business earlier enough

  •  Design a dynamic experience

If you are holding a fundraising event that inspires donors, it is recommended to invite the right people who will pay attention to your invitation

  •  Assess the results

When the event is over, it is best to check whether you remained on your planned budget. You should also determine whether your promotions attracted attendees

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